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Heir to a Desert Legacy - Maisey Yates Could come close to 3 stars. I was so happy to receive this advanced copy from NetGalley and Harlequin.I read the premise: Arab prince, American scientist, a baby, a nation on the cusp of monarchy crisis, somewhat elicit romance… and no. I got some very dry facts that resemble the premise, but it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be.Chloe is a physics graduate student who acted as surrogate to her half sister and the Sheik of Attar. Her sister and brother in law die in a car accident on their way to the hospital to meet their son.The Sheik’s brother, Sayid, finds out about the surrogacy and that his nephew is in fact, alive, and hasn’t died in the accident. He sets to retrieve his future king, and is pretty much stuck with Chloe, as well, since she won’t part from the baby.Sayid’s cold demeanor, having been trained to be a ruthless warrior, having been in torture filled captivity for a year and having to face being a regent to his people, is not prepared to have Chloe crawl under his skin.I was missing passion and a little tenderness in the writing. Some parts were fantastic and very emotional and some were very to-the-point, almost very business-like. There were no smooth segues to the developments in their relationship. Sayid’s behavior felt choppy, his character switching with a blink of an eye from cold and closed, to cold and angry, to so consumed with Chloe, without showing the growth they both made. I’d have loved to see more character development, a more flowing plot.I was close to really enjoying the story at about 3/4 into reading, but then it just flipped on me.