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Elysium - Sylah Sloan I'm rating this one 3.8.I really enjoyed the book. Meadow is a halfling, 17 yo girl, going through a change to vampirism, and has no idea what's happening to her. She is brought to a supernatural boarding school to be taught the in and outs of her heritage.This is the basic of the basic of the premise.It's rather well written, the story is appealing, there's romance blooming, UST, some measure of teenage angst in both her human world and supernatural one, and of course - the evil dude threatening to ruin it all.The only one issue I had with the book, that kind of put a damper on this rating is that the ending was all too quick and a little anticlimactic. I wanted to see how things are developing into the whole event that brought the end of the story. Maybe that would have been better anticipated with a little more preparation throughout the story? I don't know.Just felt a little empty at the end. I wanted a more swoony-completion type feeling.