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I Do... or Die

I Do . . . or Die - Donna Cummings You know how sometimes you need a silly, light, overpacked on the fluff, well written story? Wellllll..... this is it.We have a secure in herself but not in her ability to commit, Shelby.We have hot, sure, hot, adorable, hot, funny, hot and hot cop, Ryan. Sorry, detective!And we have some idiot trying to shoot Shelby. While she's fulfilling her maid of honor in her best friend's 4th (Yes, FOURTH!) wedding.I'm not even going to put in quotes, because you need them in context, but they're funneh. The inner thoughts and ridiculousness of the fantastical realism in this story kind of made me want to live in Donna's mind. So if anyone needs a break from angst, drama, teen confusion or just a really fun read, this is it.I didn't know how to rate this one, but honestly, I can't see any reason not to give it 5 stars. It supplied exactly what I got from the premise, and from my occasional twitter chats with Donna. Funny girl, funny words, funny romance.