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Waking Up to You / Overexposed (Harlequin Blaze Series #747)

Waking Up to You: Waking Up to YouOverexposed - Leslie Kelly Can you say sweet cover? I know it's rather generic, and in line with the Blaze series, but I thought it's very sweet and romantic.Now. When I requested this from NetGalley - and thank you to Harlequin for the ARC, much appreciated - I didn't know it's a two for one book. And you'd think loving the cover would clue me in. Oh well.The first story is so surreal, it's fiction from start to finish. Not that I doubt there are gay Hollywood stars who marry to hide their sexuality, but let's face it - what are the chances that she'll find her one true love, get her heart broken and then put back together all in a span of one hour? Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the story. It was light, fun, there was a good amount of sexual tension before Candace and Oliver gave up and pounced, and a happily ever after.There's also a very nice twist that I actually foresaw *pats self on back*. But what I really loved about it? It was hilarious. So many puns and cute moments:"But, Tommy, you're gay!"He waved and unconcerned hand. "Oh, that." "Yeah. that.""It's really no big deal""I disagree. I don't have a penis, and they're right up there with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens for you.""Well, I'll admit they are among my fav-o-rite things." Or..."And what if my vaginal computer crashes? Am I supposed to zip off to a bordello to do an emergency dump onto my flash drive?""I bet you'd make it two years. Then, when you're crawling out of your skin, I'll pay for you to go to Australia and you can throw a few shrimp on your barbie."Or the smutty swoon that goes with the giggles..."I've been walking around like this since the night you slammed me with the frying pan." "Feel free to get even by slamming me with that," she whispered. And it turns out that's the new story of the two that are in this book.The second one is a repeating release for Overexposed, which ties into the Santori Brothers series and is followed by One Wild Wedding Night. It tells the story of Nick Santori and Isabella Natale. Nick is back from serving in the Marines and Izzie is back from NYC, having had to leave her dancing career to help with the family bakery after her father's stroke. But Izzie has a long time crush on Nick, and when they meet again, he doesn't even recognizes her. Ouch.This is a much more believable story than the first one, but every bit as packed with sexual tension and smut and fun and puns and dry humor."I'm getting into protection," he admitted."You gonna mass-produce rubbers?" And there's cannoli involved!!!!!!!!!Never taking his mout off her, he reached up and pulled her ponytail holder off. Her thick hair fell around his hand and he twined it through his fingers. Cupping her head and supporting her, he pushed her back a little so he could have better access to her neck. When she felt the cool wetness touch the hollow of her throat, she gasped. The ricotta filling felt good against her heated skin. When Nick licked it off, it felt amazing.Did I say I love cannoli?Add to that a secret life they both kind of lead, and things get very interesting, very fast. I would definitely recommend this as a fast, light and fun read in between the heavy dramas.