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Regularly Scheduled Life

Regularly Scheduled Life - K.A. Mitchell I'll start by saying I very much enjoyed this book and definitely heading straight to #2.I loved the story, the way the subject of homophobia and society dealing with it was address. The characters felt very real, both bc they were equally annoying as hell (imagining they're real people) and the expression of emotions, frustrations and in dealing with obstacles.I admit, I wanted to strangle Sean about 65% of the book (a little after he got home until pretty much the end) but my reasoning to giving it 3 stars out of 5 (probably deserves 3.7) is that there was too much sex. Yes, I went there.It was as if non of the issues they were dealing with as a couple, Kyle and Sean always had sex. Angry at each other - sex, happy - sex, plain horny - sex, disappointed and hurt - sex.And I get it, I do - sometimes the physical thing helps keeping with the closeness. But there was no need to explicitly detail each and every sexual encounter. Really. After once or twice reading it - it's the same. And at some point it distracted from the flow of the story. Which not surprisingly picked back up when they broke up and the illogical sex stopped.Now, I want to read what's this about Tony wanting kids. So on to Not Knowing Jack.