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Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English Mysteries, #1-2)

Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon These first two books were.... weird.Adrien English is a mystery bookstore owner that apparently attracts bad juju. In the first book, Fatal Shadows, his best friend is murdered and he is the main suspect. He's being investigated (along with, well, the murder investigation) by two detectives, one of which turns out to be gay (and is in serious denial).In the second book, A Dangerous Thing, he's "vacationing" (away from his potential love interest) at a ranch he inherited, and literally stumbles upon a murder. Only the body disappears by the time the sheriff shows up. I LOVED Josh Lanyon's writing style. He's a great storyteller. The first book slugged a little, plot-wise, but the second book was better in that respect. Possibly the reason for that is the lack of romance in the first one. It's pure mystery. I'm interested to see what Adrien's bad juju gets him into next.