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Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories)

Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories) - Con Riley Phenomenal!Having read After Ben and Saving Sean months ago, I had to reread my reviews and skim through the books again, just to remind myself where the hell the situation between Marco and Aiden was left off. (risk of reading too much, I guess)In a nutshell: Aiden can't stand Marco. Marco is trying his damnedest to get Aiden to open up and start talking his troubled mind. Aiden and Evan's mother is living in fragile denial and it appears that Aiden's store worker is stealing from him.HOWEVER!!! There's more to things than meets the eye - Aiden's borderline collapsible emotional state, Marco's happy-go-lucky nature - in a way, they mesh so well.Marco's voice summoned him back to the present. He frowned at Aiden via their Skype connection."What are you thinking about now? You look kind of constipated.""Shut up. I was just thinking about therapy."We also get glimpses into Evan and Aiden's adoptions, how they came to be brothers. All the more stressing the sibling bond they share, and that comes into play in how Aiden's facade crumbles and he and his family cope with the situation they're facing.Aiden hadn't put too much thought into what he'd said next. He'd told his parents that he was pretty sure he'd already met his new brother. Then, when he asked if they could go get Evan right away, his mom had cried. His dad had looked in the rearview mirror and smiled.Con Riley crafted a fantastic story around Aiden and Marco. Reading made me feel a part of the story. It seemed as if she chose the words she put down to paper very carefully. The character and story development, the emotional development, the story itself - loved every word.I'm stressing myself that this is it and there will be no more books coming out. Yes? No? Help?Highly recommended.