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the proposition

the proposition - Katie Ashley I really really enjoyed this book. This is like "The Back-Up Plan" meets pretty much every manwhore/playboy-afraid-of-commitment/handsome that falls in love type story. But it's written well, has strong characters and a solid plot. In this book, the first in 2 (and a companion), Emma is almost 30 years old and longing for a child. She lost her fiancé years back to an accident, and her mother not long after, to cancer and is desperate to have a family of her own. When her gay best friend back out of being a sperm donor, she is being propositioned by Aiden. Aiden is a coworker, handsome, player, man-slut and adorable. He promised his mother before she died that he'll have children, and while not into the whole marriage + children package, he takes advantage of Emma's situation and proposes to be her sperm donor. As long as they do it the old fashioned way.And so the story begins, and it's a sweet, funny, annoying, raging and romantic roller-coaster.Book one ends on a less than desirable note, however expected. How things are resolved - revealed in book 2, The Proposal.