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Rapture (Fallen Angels Series #4)

Rapture - J.R. Ward This should be around 4.5 stars, I think.I've missed the WARDen's word. Her no nonsense lingo and the badassery of the characters.This novel started a little slower than the first 3 for me, but quickly picked up. I can see the logic in using Matthias as the soul in this story. He did do some horrible things in his life. And being mistaken for the soul in the last book, only to "wrongly" die, kind of gave him the legitimacy in having his soul saved this time.Adrian's sacrifice was insanely noble and very much an ultimate sacrifice. As for giving Devina one of the wins in trade for Sissy's soul - not sure I like that. I'm wondering what Devina's answer will be, but it seems wrong. If they win the war, her would be free or redeemed or whatever, anyway. I guess 3 more books at least are to be written, and if there's another win soon, the whole game is over. Sigh.The only thing I wish is that they'd brought back Eddie. I miss Eddie. And he's going to be a hella pissed when he finds out about Ad.