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Friday Night Alibi

Friday Night Alibi - Cassie Mae I don't get to read many humor filled stories. I very much enjoyed Friday Night Alibi. Very light, well written (ignoring a few grammar issues, this is an advanced copy, after all), and the story, although following the basic romance formula, is unique and refreshing. Kelli Pinkins is an 18 year old trust fund girl, living with her parents in a very rich neighborhood. The entire community is made of families such as hers, and there are standards to uphold. Especially since the community is also very Christian. Emotionally abandoned by her parents, Kelli fills up her weekends by being the alibi for her peers in school and day job (bored, doesn't really need the money) while they go out with their not parent approved girlfriends/boyfriends. During her alibi time Kelli plays her Xbox in the confines of her room.Enters Chase Moroney. He gives Kelli the worst pickup line in history one night when she sneaks out, but her reaction only fuels his interest. What interested me in the story is how we learn and know a lot about Kelli, but we don't know anything about Chase almost through the end of the book. Well, maybe just that he wears all black and keeps his shirt on in the pool. This is where the story picks up, plot wise. Shortly after it also drags a little before the culmination of emotions. I very much liked Cassie Mae's writing style. She has very sharp, cheeky wit, and it definitely made reading the story a lot of fun. I also think a little heavier editing job can eliminate the part that dragged. A sweet, light recommended beach read. 3.5 out of 5. Thank you Flirt publishing and NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book.