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Nets and Lies

Nets and Lies - Katie Ashley Hooookayyyyy!!! Here are my thoughts.There are about 429845763873798587324 Hallmark movies this book could be based on. Half of them I probably saw (I admit it). Two girls: one has a reputation of being slutty and liking older men. the other is virginal and dating the coaches son. One has an affair, the other is raped. The story is how both get redemption for their tragedies and lies.It's a well known story, it's heartbreaking and sad, mainly because these things happen around us every day and most of the time, we don't know about them. However, because of that, the story was mostly predictable. I wished hard for a twist that never came.The book is mostly very well written, another round of proof wouldn't have hurt. So rounding up 3.5 stars.