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Until I Break

Until I Break - M. Leighton I'm going with 4.5 stars for this one. GR, what about those 1/2 stars, ha? We talked about that.Anyway, we have Alec Brand and we have Samantha Jansen. And they are both fucked up, not necessarily to any fault of theirs.Not getting into the reasons for their fuckedupness, I'll say it's something you'd expect but never think about. Which I found surprising and rather nice - to be surprised, but not really.Samantha is leading a double life, reasons to which are explained at some point, and so is Alec. I personally found that just one of their lives being led that way is justifiable, but that's besides the point. There's a twist that is revealed pretty early on in the story, which I LOVED, and the whole plot progression from there on was great.Up until a certain point about 70% through the story, everything felt fresh and unique to me. I genuinely loved the book.The reason for the 1/2 star is that the last 30% of the book, albeit predictable (which is fine, we all want HEA) I'd have enjoyed if was more developed. I love the struggles, the inner conflicts, the mistakes and almost mistakes on the way to that HEA.However, as always with Ms. Leighton's books - it was well written, and in line with her great storytelling.I'm ready for more, Michelle. ps - not adding quotes to this one. I loves so many, it feels wrong to choose. Also, they are most in context, so what's the point?