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Bending Over Backwards

Bending Over Backwards - Samantha Hunter I found out about this book last week and after reading the premise couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Sometimes you just need a good, light read. And with this one, all the yoga, and other.... workouts, I want to both dance the streets and sleep to regroup.Jasmie is a yoga instructor, closed off emotionally after some difficult years in her past, who's taking on a new client, Leo an amnesiac stock broker from Wall Street.I liked how, gradually, Jasmine's wall started crumbling down, and how she was healed by Leo, more so than he was.I have to say there's a part about half way through the story where some Tantric methods are used, and if the story alone doesn't make you want to start practicing yoga, this specific part will. OMG *fans self*In short, if you ever hesitated whether or not it will do you good, trust me, or better yet, trust Samantha Hunter - you can't go wrong with yoga.Fun, light, flowy and well written summer read.