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Keeping Her (Losing It, #1.5)

Keeping Her (Losing It, #1.5) - Cora Carmack I loved Bliss and Garrick’s story in Losing It. I think that despite it being a chewed up idea for a romance, Cora Carmack did a great job reinventing it. It was fresh and sweet. And after Faking It, where we got Cade’s story, it was so much fun getting another glimpse at Garrick and Bliss’s life.If you haven’t read Faking It – read it before continuing with this review.Garrick and Bliss are visiting his family in London. And there’s a whole side of Garrick’s life Bliss wasn’t aware of. Like his family’s money and his upbringing. But being engaged, meeting your future in laws is an unavoidable step.After meeting his two best friends, Bliss makes quite an entrance upon arrival to Garrick’s family home. A “can I please bury myself under a mountain and never come out” kind of entrance. But then proceeds to change his mother’s opinion on her. A little. After all, she does admit her to be a “Disney villain.”