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Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls - Tellulah Darling I'm annoyed with the universe for not bringing Tellulah Darling to my attention before last week. That's one big bad in the universes part. Now, this book. LOL, let's start with all that's horrible: It's a little predictable. Tragedy, right? ::said with a huge dose of sarcasm::As for all the great in this book:The writing - fresh and spot on.The voices - best 17yo voices in this genre, for sure. I'm still boggled when I remember how fantastically Darling channeled Sam. Then you have Ally, then nerdy, Sam's best friend. She's just adorkable. And a clandestine hottie, as it turns out.Here's the skinny on this book: Sam is a big boywhore (17 yo, after all, can't call him a man yet). When Ally, his besite gets dumped on her birthday (IKR?) by her 2-year idiot, boring, less than mediocre boyfriend, Sam helps her channel her inner boywhore. What is it that Sam doesn't foresee? Ally turning out to be his hot best friend. Who's awkwardness is a plus when it comes to attract the boys. And when Sam "accidentally" kisses her, their friends-turned-friends-with-benefits turns his philosophy about dating upside down.I enjoyed the humor, the puns, Sam and Ally's own language that wasn't understood by pretty much anyone else in the book. I also enjoyed their best friends, Ian and Rachel (also Ally's cousin) and the less significant characters in the book, who basically drove them both to realize what they meant for each other.I'm not quoting from this one. Anything I will won't make any sense to anyone without the context. But trust me, you want to read SCIGtGG. It's awesome.