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Faking It

Faking It - Cora Carmack This book is somewhere between 4.5 and 5 for me. I really enjoyed it.After Bliss and Garrick's story, Cade is left somewhat broken hearted, and pretty much the minute he decides to take a break from seeing Bliss, until he's positive he's over her, not to mention Garrick's little reveal to him that he will propose to Bliss very soon, in storms Max.Mackenzie (Max) has suffered a very traumatic event in her early teens and is still not quite dealing with the aftermath. She lives a double life and is very much tormented by it. When Cade agrees to be her fake boyfriend to appease her parents, her request the minute they meet, he slowly starts breaking down her walls and shows her her true self is beautiful.There's some sad in this book, and a fare share of angst, drama and surprisingly enough, some laughs. One of my favorites is:"I got my first kiss from my babysitter's son when I was five and he was seven. He kissed me and then pulled my hair."He chuckled, and dabbed at a scrape just above the waistline of my skirt."We have different definitions of dirty."I smirked and added, "To this day nothing turns me on more than when a guy pulls my hair."There was silence above me, and his hand stilled against my back. I would have killed to see his expression.Me too, Max. Me too!!!Families are hard. Traumatized by tragedy familier are so much harder. When Cade enters Max's life (or vice versa) he shares her burden in a beautiful way, and Cora Carmack writes it beautifully.