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Everything For Us (The Bad Boys, #3)

Everything For Us (The Bad Boys, #3) - M. Leighton In Down to You we got to meet, swoon, drool and fall utterly in love with Cash Davenport. And in Up to Me, we got to meet him again. Only we also got to meet Nash, his long thought dead twin. Identical. Twin. However… Nash was obnoxious and ungrateful and while justifiably pissed off and hurt – he was also an asshole.Then again, take a hot and handsome asshole and pair him with a gorgeous damsel in distress and let a romance novelist be their puppeteer and you have great potential for, well, more swoons. My thoughts (some spoilers ahead so if you didn’t read Up to Me… tough luck!)I love Cash Davenport. He completely stole my heart in DtU & UtM. He was responsible, smart, badass, handsome, devoted and if we pretend he’s not a real person, knows exactly what to do with his hands. And mouth. And tongue. UNF!!!In DtU we learned Cash’s story. Why he pretends to be two people, how he does it and what it’s all for. In UtM, the action gets real. And fast. Marissa is kidnapped and later rescued by the boys (lesson to never come back from vacation before you’re supposed to) and the Davenports’ problem gets a lot more real.In EfU Nash gets his 15 minutes of glory. He’s hurt and very damaged emotionally. He’s hateful and unforgiving, and while brutally honest, is still an obnoxious asshole. I didn’t like him for about 80% of the book. And that may be what bothered me about it. The book is well written and it’s clear Michelle Leighton is developing wonderfully as a writer (I do love her words and creative mind), but Nash’s way to redemption felt forced. Not verbally forced, but almost psychologically so. His character resisted so hard for so long, that when he realized what he’s lost, he snaps out of it and you know what? STILL he resists the good in his life.The way the book wrapped up was sweet and very romantic. And then what, you ask? We get a little more.Leighton really did a number on the reader with this one. With every sentence that makes the reader get annoyed with Nash she inserts a reason for his behavior, so that while you’re waiting for him to turn his life around still being pissed off that the hero is an asshole, you also feel sorry for him.Now what I want to know is what’s going on with Ginger and Gavin (together or alone)? Do they get a book? Anyone?Rounding up my 3.5 rating.