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Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha This was definitely an experience. I'm used to reading smut, we all do, but holy hell - that wasn't smut. This is erotica mixed with animalistic roaring. I loved it. But what I enjoyed most was that there's actually a story there.I'm not sure whether to clasify the world as dystopian, but it certainly gives a futuristic vibe.Noelle is cast away from Eden, a "perfect" city. She was shamed after being found fornicating, and as a daughter of a diplomat she cannot be allowed to be a black stain on the family's name. She is found drugged and almost molested by a couple of sector 4 people who take her under their wing. She becomes an O'Kane!Noelle is being taught to live life for her, to be free, to ba shameless. And it's very liberating for her, naturally. She also falls for Jasper, the leader's (Dallas) right hand man, and is cared for by Lex, Dallas's unofficial woman.Enter political crap from Eden, and all hell breaks loose.Oh, and there's sex. With more than one partner. At a time.