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Down for the Count (Dare Me Series, #1)

Down for the Count (Dare Me Series, #1) - Christine  Bell This. Was. Awesome!Lacey (I kind of really like the name, btw) catches her brand new, and I mean BRAND new husband fucking her bridesmaid (and best friend) at their wedding reception, she bails. With the assistance of her other and true best friend, Cat and brother, Galen.Lacey has had a crush on Galen since they were kids, but being treated like the annoying little sister, it never led anywhere. Galen, a professional boxer, suggests Lacey do something drastic and carefree with herself, find herself and learn to stand up for herself and not conform to her mother's stone cold nature. Lacey decides to go on her honeymoon to Puerto Rico and Galen joins her. As a friend. As support. Chyeah!Lacey sure learns how to live life for herself and not her mother or the family business. She learns what true love is and what's important in a relationship.Christine Bell nails this story spot on in the head. It starts with a bang (pun PUN!!!) and ends with the expected HEA, but the journey in between is fantastic.It will make you all want a Galen of your own.Go read!