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Along Came Trouble: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox Where do I begin?You know how you read a book and you feel like you're THERE? Not even one of the characters, but a bystander looking in on what goes on. And it makes you feel involved. Emotional. That's how it was for me with this story.Seemingly, a textbook contemporary romance. But it was so much more. Ellen Callahan is faced with Caleb Clark *thud* when a paparazzi stomps her yard trying to get a shot of her neighbor. Her neighbor who's pregnant and was Ellen's twin brother's girlfriend. A brother who's a pop star. Yup.And then all hell breaks loose. But not in a bad way. Well, maybe a little bit bad. In paparazzoland as expected, there are no rules and they'll do everything to get their shot. Caleb is hired by Jamie (the twin brother) to protect his ex-girlfriend, his sister and his nephew."Sergeant First Class Caleb Clark. Yum."The story is exceptionally well developed, as are the characters and the subplots accompanying the main one. I cried, I laughed so much it's ridiculous, I swooned - more than once, I wanted and I still want a Caleb of my own. I loved being in Ellen's head when she was overtaken by her inner musings:"Day in and day out, she walked around with all the sexual power of a Twinkie," - funny gal, that Ellen.And I absolutely loved how Ruthie Knox describes Caleb's talents: "Oh, man, Caleb could kiss. He could really, really kiss. He could kiss like kissing was the only thing on his agenda, and honestly, if you could kiss like this, why put anything else in the day planner? She'd be happy to lie here kissing Caleb for the next twelve to twenty-four hours." But my favorite and the one that squeezed the most tears out of me was: "I want to take care of you. I want you to take care of me." - so many swoons and brimming tears. This is one you must read if you enjoy contemporary romances. It has everything in it. No regrets.Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.