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Curve Ball (Xcite Romance)

Curve Ball - Charlotte Stein I'm still giggling from this one.Judy's bother, Jason, invites her on a vacation with his wife and his best friend, Steven. As it turns out, Judy's had a crush on Steven for the better part of the last 10 years, and Steven has been a revolving door for floozies for the same amount of time, give or take.So it only makes sense that Judy gets annoyed with Steven when he talks about past conquests, and it makes sense that when she's trying to avoid him, Steven pretty much attacks her. But attacks her in the most amazing way. Stein's voice in this one is somewhere between hilarious and socially challenged, which oddly makes it adorable. I chose to believe that's what Stein is in real life, and I'm sticking to it.So... why? How? When? Where? Just read and you'll find out.Oh, and it has nothing to do with baseball, just so you know.