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One Sweet Ride  - Jaci Burton Oh Gray, you wonderful man in a fire suit, you. That man is wickedly talented, in several areas. Nom nom. I've been waiting for Gray's story from the second he was mentioned in Thrown By a Curve that was published a few months back. And I wasn't disappointed. What a sweet guy. Also, what an asshole. LOLSo, Grayson Preston, this sweet asshole has daddy issues and has basically separated himself from his family. Daddy dearest is a politician that needs his son's fan base to support his political career and sends one of his aides to get Gray to agree to help out.Evelyn Hill is the aide. Gray is a race car driver and owns his own crew company. The rest is the actual story which I'm not going to talk about. However, true to Jaci's previous PbP books, this one doesn't disappoint. There are issues, there is lust, there's tension, a little angst thrown in to the pot, and one wickedly sweet love story. I'm betting on his sister and Drew for the next one. Either that or Trevor and Haven - I'd love to get their story, as well.