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Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger

Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger - Kyra Davis I've been very disappointed in Kasie Fitzgerald, the heroine of this story throughout the entire book. Simone, Kasie's best friend, take her to Vegas for a weekend in the hope of getting her to let loose before her very planned, very organized and mundane life turn into a very planned and organized marriage to Dave, her not quite yet fiancé.Kasie meets Robert Dade, who gives her the best night of her life, after which she leaves and goes back to her boring reality. When Dade invades her real world in the form of a new client in her firm, her world is turned up side down. Their affair is passionate, exciting, new and refreshing. And Kasie is still convincing herself that her place is with Dave.When she FINALLY decides, new revelations might make her life a nightmare.When I'm trying to think of what I felt when I read it, all I can think of is disappointment in Kasie. She knew and felt that the life she leads aren't for her but for everyone around her (her family, Dave), but still insisted to keep this life. When offered the opportunity to feel more, she took it, but forced herself to emotionally keep holding to her initial, bored feelings. I think most of what frustrates me will be resolved in book 2, and when I keep reminding myself there will be a book 2, things are immediately put in perspective.This tale of the emotional journey Kasie is going through is very exciting and very frustrating. I'm hoping where the story cuts off between books won't break the flow, as well.Looking forward to book 2.Thank you NetGalley and the publisher, for the advanced copy of this book.