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The Mistress

The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz I want to tell you not to speculate. But I won't. Speculate away. Read, think, and believe you know what's going on. Part of the time you will know. Spoiler: no speculating is needed. Everything is right there. No need to guess and develop theories. And that's exactly the mindfuck. And it's AWESOME!!When I first read The Siren, I was blown away. Then I read it again. And every book by Tiffany Reisz I read and read again. At first I couldn't figure out how an erotic novel, involving BDSM has only the very minimal amount of actual sex. And then it hit me- that's the erotica part.The thrill, the anticipation, the romance (and her words are packed with the most unique type of romance you can imagine.) Even when the characters are not romantically involved. Told you. Unique!The Mistress is the last chronological book (for now?) in Nora and Søren's story. And Kingsley and Juliette and Zachary and Grace and Griff and... You get the point. The story picks up right where The Prince left us. Nora is missing, taken by Marie Laure, who is obviously not dead, and we slowly realize who it is she wants to exact her revenge upon. And why. Søren, Wesley and Kingsley are beside themselves with worry and fear for Nora's life and will do whatever they can to save her. They don't, however, know where she was taken. Only who took her. Their break comes, not going to tell you how, and at that point I knew one part of the ending of the book. And being a Søren/Nora fan, I had absolutely no issue with it. I even thought its very clever. Vague, I know, but I want to avoid spoilers. I believe all readers, no matter who they want to end up with whom, will get their heart's desire. Tiffany somehow made it all work, and brilliantly. Not just that, all the characters got their happily ever after. Not one was left heartbroken.Starting to read it, I immediately was swept into the intense and infinite love Søren has for Nora. His Eleanor, his Little One. One of many quotes I marked during my read is Søren wording his intentions to a 15 year old Nora: "Because there is nothing I wouldn't do to protect you, Eleanor. Nothing I wouldn't do to help you. And nothing I wouldn't do to save you. Nothing." and that's to a teenage girl. From a man who's calling involves celibacy. A feeling that intense can only grow. And boy, did it ever. There really was nothing he didn't do for her. This quote pretty much got all the swirling adoration to Søren right back out. It honestly made reading the book a lot more enjoyable as I was now emotionally immersed in the story. Kingsley, in this book, has the most laugh inducing, awesome lines: Mon Dieu, the entire vanilla world has taken over my house. Fine. Both of you stay. Have tea. Turn everyone in my house boring. If you need me I'll be trying to find Nora if only to get rid of you two." Or the James Bind line that I'm not quoting for fear of spoiling the impact it has on the reader. And naturally, there are a million and one sensational lines uttered by Nora. So smart and clever, funny and witty, and so badass and vulnerable, it was truly a pleasure to "hear" her bedtime stories. The biggest surprise for mean this book was Grace, Zachary's wife, in case you forgot. Some of her parts made me tear up, and some had me holding my breath. She arrives in the US hoping to spend a few days with Nora while Zach is in a conference only to stumble into the kidnapping drama. Grace develops an amazing relationship with one if the character, that left me, for lack of a better word, in awe. Her parts of the story may have been my favorite to read.I literally cannot wait for this book to come out just so I can gush (the good and bad) with the other readers. While I'm sure there will be readers who will. Feel robbed of what they had in mind for this character or the other, as I said before, in my opinion the end result makes the most sense to each and every one of them. The ending of the book is infuriatingly open, but surprisingly, it makes perfect sense. The entire series is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys well written, well crafter and well thought of erotic romances. Since Tiffany thinks everything sounds better in French, I give this book, and the series, the highest score (as far as expressions go, anyway): Douze points!!I received this early review copy from the publisher, Harlequin, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.