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Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11)

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian *HUGE SQUEEEEEE* this is going to be reviewed after a good night's sleep.People of the world, if you enjoy this series, the BDB or IAD, this book does not disappoint.Lara Adrian totally reinvented the series with this book for various reasons. Some will be revealed in this review (slightly spoilery) and some you'll have to read to know.Do you remember that little girl in Canada, that was wearing a veil to protect her eyes from exposure, or more importantly, to protect other from exposure to her eyes? Mira? Well... this little girl is ALL grown up now.20 years have passed since the Breed's exposure to the human world. There's cohabitation and.... peace. Kind of.Mira is a captain of an Order warrior team, and is haunted by losing her love, Kellan Archer, eight years prior, to an explosion in a facility booby trapped by the rebels. Kellan was the grandson of Lazaro Archer (remember him?) Little does Mira know that Kellan is alive and well after being rescued on the verge of death. Mira and Kellan's paths cross when she's placed as the escort for a recluse scientists to a peace summit. Her little road trip from MA to DC is ruined before it started by, what do you know, rebels, who kidnap the scientist and later on her, when she goes in pursuit after them. “There’s nothing to worry about.” She forced a mild scowl and lightly shook her head, deliberate in her misunderstanding. “I’m on babysitting detail, not a mission. Nothing’s going to go wrong.” To learn why Kellan is with this group, why they kidnapped the scientist and how things end up, you'll have to read the book.“After everything I’ve done,” he whispered harshly, “not only today, or eight years ago, when I left, letting you believe I was dead, but since the first day we met, Mouse. Ever since then, since the very beginning, you’ve stayed with me. You’ve always have my back.” “I always will,” she replied. Her voice was quiet, but her eyes were resolute. “When you love someone, that’s what you do.”This is spoiler enough. The book starts with Mira, and unfolds while giving us glimpse of almost all the Order members and their breedmates, which is like a reunion of a sort. I loved that about this story. We also get to meet the offsprings of the Order members - a real treat. And they aren't little kiddies, either. We're talking a bunch of warriors in their early 20s. The last surprise in the book the new(ish) enemy the breed has. Adrian, as per usual, has slowly unfolded all the little details that will drive you nuts wanting to know while reading, and with her unique writing of this series, badass while emotional (love it!!), she has made me swoon, go all gooey, love, tear up, rage (a lot) and enjoy this great new installment to the series.I barely managed to stop reading once or twice to highlight a couple of quotes. Love it when a book makes me forget that.All thanks to Delacorte Press and NetGalley.