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Making it Last (Novella)

Making It Last - Ruthie Knox PREPARE A BOX OF TISSUES, it's that heartbreakingly sweet. God, I forgot how much I love Tony and Amber. This story, not even a third way through made my heart soar and clench all at the same time. Amber is lost. She's depressed and losing her own identity to her marriage and motherhood. Tony is just as lost, but doing everything he thinks is right to support his family. He just doesn't realize that by doing that he's losing touch with his wife. Losing that intense connection they share during their first years together. At Caleb's wedding in Jamaica Amber breaks down which prompts Tony to act. Marriage is hard, it turns out (nothing new under the sun) and routine will wear you out. It takes work, and attentiveness and so much love and patience towards each other. So when Tony realizes Amber is lost, he goes out to find her and heal them both. Because what they have is worth more than anything either he or Amber herself ever thought. I loved how through the challenges put forth by their kids, Tony understood the seriousness of the situation. Ruthie using the children's fears to mirror the issues was a brilliant move, whether it was deliberate or not. I rarely read the "notes from the author" part at the end of books, but being a Ruthie's-words-addict, I did this time. And everyone should take the time at the end of this story to read it. It's golden. Being so affected reading it at this point in my life (single and childless), I can't imagine reading this being married for a few years. The sob-fest would be amplified ten fold, I'm sure. And with every book by her that I read, I feel like words will never hit the mark better than when shot from Ruthie's pen. And the whole Camelot series is a gem. This advanced copy is courtesy of the publisher I exchange for an honest review. Thank you!