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Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2)

Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) - Colleen Hoover 4-4.5 stars.I've been waiting for Holder's take on Hopeless for months. Colleen Hoover did such a fantastic job with Hopeless that I hoped Holder's book will be half as good. Naturally, we all love and adore Holder. His faith and infinite love for this little girl he feels as a young boy he disappointed and still feels responsible for her fate, and the heart wrenching story of Sky told from a Holder's point of view... There was little chance of the readers to be disappointed. The book opens a year prior to where Hopeless started, we learn of Leslie's death and Holder's coping with her death, and we learn how and why he was absent for the past year that preceded his meeting Sky. I. Felt. Such. Heartache. Reading the beginning of this book, and I love that Hoover included it, as it sets Losing Hope aside from Hopeless. It sets the tone to Holder's profound devastation, and it explains much about his actions and decisions regarding Sky in Hopeless and here in Losing Hope. When the slow burning torture of the first kiss to end all kisses began, I had rush of all the emotions that flooded me during the first read of Hopeless. I'm pretty sure it's too soon to love her, but shit. She's got to stop doing and saying these unexpected things that make me want to fast-forward whatever's going on between us. Because I want to kiss her and make love to her and marry her and make her have my babies and I want it all to happen tonight.This book felt sweet, swoony and achy, but was very rewarding. Granted, knowing the whole story (almost?) i didn't feel the earth-shattering reveal of the tragedy they experienced, all in his own way, but I did very much enjoy the part where Holder learns the truth on Sky, on Leslie and on what their mother knew. And that little extra at the end. I very much recommend Losing Hope to anyone who enjoyed Hopeless, who enjoys Colleen Hoover's words, and appreciate making lemonade out of very sour lemons. Thank you NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for this advanced reading copy, in exchange for an honest review.