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Thrown By A Curve

Thrown by a Curve - Jaci Burton Another banging installment to this light and fun and smuttty series.Alicia Riley, Cole's sister and Gavin and Mick's cousin, is on the Raven's therapy team. She's assigned to Gavin Scott's shoulder therapy in the hope of getting him pitching again after an injury.You can guess how that goes. Well, it goes great, actually - therapy wise. And it also goes great in the smut department. Although these types of stories usually follow a certain formula, they each bring something a little different to the plot and make it special.Jaci Burton has a way with writing cheeky contemporary romance. Her characters are fun, funny, annoying in a pretty good way most of the time, hot (obviously, we don't want a slob as a hero/heroine) and all around drool inducing.Looking forward to some car racing hotness in June.