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Run To You

Run To You - Charlotte Stein First, I'll start by saying, the cover is hot, but is not representing of Janos. Because Janos is a MAN!!!!! Rawr.I think one of the only authors in existence today can write a book with only 2 characters. Run To You is just that. 95% (plus) of the book is Allison and Janos. The dialogue, the insanely smart and eloquent inner musings, the way the plot just carries itself forward. Sheer brilliance.Allison's friend disappears on a self imposed vacation/escape/whatever and all is left is her diary. In that diary Allison finds one repeated appointment that has no details, just one word: Assignation. And doesn't just this word make you want to know what is going on? Allison clearly feels the same way as she goes to the next one, in her friend's stead. What she finds is a luxurious hotel room, a riveting stranger and a closet.But when I dare to look again, the room is empty. He wasn't going for the closet, I realise. He was going for the exit. He came to meet his lovely Lucy, and, once he realised she wasn't here, he made a call to the complaints department of the Assignations Bureau, before taking his leave."I think there's an Allison is practically each and every one of us. Yes, even us smut addicts. And her insecurities, her self doubts, the way she under-appreciates herself, is personal to many women. Additionally, Allison is clearly a funny girl. I could've highlighted the entire book where her musings are concerned just so I can go over and laugh at her ridiculous (and SO REAL) thoughts.Janos is a Hungarian man. A manly man. He's big, burly, hairy, handsome, and aloof, a little brooding, quite cold and seemingly unreachable. Oh, and mui RICH! Problem is, ladies, he only has eyes for little, shy Allison.There's this one part at the end of the story, where a third character enters for a few small moments. And what this character said is just perfect:"Don't pretend it doesn't matter, so you no longer have to hope and believe that it does. Hope isn't poison, Lissa. Hope is the thing that keeps you going when everything is awful and dark and you don't know which way to turn."