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Geoducks Are for Lovers

Geoducks Are for Lovers - Daisy Prescott Where is Daisy Prescott? I need to give her a hug. FINALLY a great romance that's not about 20 year old kids fresh out of college or high school, no first loves, losing virginities and dealing with new careers. And I love the genre, I do. But every now and then reading an adult romance novel is so refreshing and sweet.In Geoducks, we have a group of college friends facing their 20 year reunion. They meet up for a weekend of catching up prior to the scheduled reunion, and an old flame of Maggie (the weekend is in her house on an island off the coasts of the pacific northwest) is sprung by one of the friends and is joining them. Gil is a college history professor, and Maggie's great love. She's his great love, as well, and now that they're both single again.... things happen.There are puns, pop culture references, 80's pop culture references (loooooved!) and smart, intellectual, balanced writing. There is a lot of tension, a LOT. And there is a group of friends that all function as supporting characters to Maggie and Gil's story in such a perfect way, I felt there was absolutely nothing missing from this romance.Also, props for it being a stand alone.