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Finding It (Losing It, #3)

Finding It (Losing It, #3) - Cora Carmack Are you watching many chick flicks? I do. I’m a chick. So…There’s one I always loved with Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode (hubba hubba) from 2004, it’s called Chasing Liberty. I think that’s spoiler enough for those of you who saw the film.I loved Losing It. It had Garrick *swoons*. I also loved Keeping Her and Faking It (not necessarily in that order) so I suggest you read those (necessarily NOT in the order I mentioned) before you do Finding It.** Thank you, Edelweiss and William Morrow Paperbacks, for this advanced copy in exchanged for an honest review. My thoughts (please note I was given an advanced copy and any quotes from the book are subject to changes)How I wished, so many times, that I could backpack across Europe. All the romantic historical places to visit. The language, the people, the architecture, the men. The men. The men. Alas…Kelsey, Bliss’s best friend just graduated and needs a change. She feel suffocated and going somewhere no one knows her so that she can unwind and be someone else, on daddy’s expense of course, is just what she needs. After several weeks of touring in different Eastern European countries, while in Hungary she encounters Jackson Hunt. To be more accurate – she notices him for the first time, in a club, while making out with another man.Tamás didn’t waste any time. Like, really… no time. The dude went zero to sixty in seconds. His tongue was so far down my throat, it was like being kissed by the love child of a lizard and Gene Simmons.I’m positive this doesn’t represent Hungarian men. LOLBeing an actor (Bliss’s college best buddy, remember?), Kelsey is also witty and so are her inner thoughts. Funny, too:I resisted the urge to squeal. ITALY. Who doesn’t dream of going to Italy? And talk about making it easy to seduce Hunt. If I couldn’t do it in Italy, someone should take away my vagina because I didn’t deserve it.Jackson Hunt is ex-Marine, suffering from PTSD (NOT the issue in the story!) and is drop dead gorgeous, well built is keeping a close eye on Kelsey. That’s how the author sees him in her mind (if anyone knows who this is – share!)He’s also funny and I loved his use of sarcasm and pun – both were spot on and teased Kelsey perfectly. What’s mind boggling at first is why he’s resisting her when he’s clearly following her around. Well, not clearly, but after the 3rd sighting it’s pretty obvious.After finding Kelsey in a less than desirable situation with alcohol, he suggests that she tours with him and he’ll take her on the adventure she’s seeking if she stops drinking excessively.Their little adventure is the dream trip for most of us. And as expected, the duo falls in love and are having the time of their lives. Little by little Jackson milks Kelsey for details about her life and her past.Until a little detail is revealed which shatters Kelsey’s slowly building trust in Jackson. This is probably my favorite quote in the book.It’s a quiet thing when your heart breaks. I thought it would be loud, louder even than the air rushing around us when we’d dove off that bridge. I though it would drown everything else out.Just perfect! Right? It captured exactly the feeling of when you’re absolutely shocked and breaking down. The loud silence. GAH!Jackson’s sharing a little about himself misses its timely cue and it’s possibly too late for them.In Finding It Kelsey and Jackson face their demons; By sharing them they gain the other’s trust.The open ending of the book left me with thoughts about the future. I believe there’s a whole book that can be written after their adventure has ended, but a part of me wishes they be left alone.My rating: 4.5 stars!!A full review can be found on my blog.