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Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn This is a round up from 3.5 stars.I LOVE JLA's writing. I do. And she's a fantastic storyteller. I've read her Gamble Brothers and Lux books and I'm honestly surprised by this release.I loved Cameron. He is drop dead gorgeous, he's persistent, he's funny, charming, sweet, smart. He has his own little demon that he's dealt with, and he is very much in love with Avery, that's pretty much clear from the get go of their relationship.I even loved Avery. She's been through hell, she has had no support and she is young and naive. But she's quite strong to have made it to a point where she distanced herself from her damaging past, and with Cameron's help, and her two best friends, Jacob and Brittany, she slowly finds herself and heals.The story is sweet, swoony, romantic, a little angsty, just what a good new adult novel should be. Except for the typos (quite many) and the grammatical mistakes. Their/They're confusion? That's not J. Lynn typically. I still recommend anyone who enjoys J.Lynn/JL Armentraut's writing to read it, but I also recommend that the publisher prints no more copies before a serious proofreading and fixing all the silly beginner's typos and grammar errors. JLA is not a self published beginner. She deserves more.