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Frigid - J Lynn Swoooooon!! Sooooo, here's what I think.I think I love pretty much all the words Jennifer writes, and I love the way she creates and writes her characters. And her boys are more often than not hot, sexy, adorable, sluts (this one is only sometimes) and annoyingly attractive, including sometimes just plain annoying. Then again, they're boys.Kyler is no different. Manwhore is a rather nice description of him. But when you add the gorgeous, protective and all around swoony, the manwhore is pretty easy to forget.And then we have his best friend. Sydney. A girl. A pretty girl. Nerdy girl. A girl very much in love with her childhood best friend. That manwhore we were talking about.This is a classic story, very well written, and a very fun read. However, you will find a little twist in this one, and that's what sets it apart from other stories like it. That and the fact that it's Jennifer's. Can't go wrong.A little more careful editing job (a few typos and a little inconsistency) would've been great *cough cough, editor*