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Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning So. I finished it. It's not what I'd expected, although Moning did close up all loose ends. Apart from Dani. I'm not liking how that one was left open. Either they're back to being "sisters" or they're not. Something was fucked up there at the end.I liked that the Hunters helped kill Barrons' son. Poor thing. And I LOVE that Mac and Barrons ended up together. V'lane was weird from the beginning, and when he admitted to being Cruce, I immediately thought that he was the 4th rapist, the bastard. Eww.OK, I realize this review is not very "professional", but I think to summarize a 5 book series, I need to pour some frustrations. All in all, I recommend reading it.