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Preservation (Preservation, #1)

Preservation - Rachael Wade Dear Rachael Wade - well done!I expected little when I picked that up. Yes, I read the summary and basically expected the typical student falling for her professor, with some mild, inconsequential angst that resolves itself and they live happily ever after.And I got that. BUT, there is a little more to this story than the expected romance. Ryan has a history. Kate has her history. They're both damaged to some extent, and have their walls up. And for once, for ONCE, the reasons for the angst are completely acceptable and make sense.This alone deserves 4 stars. I'm giving the 5th star to Dean and Carter, because for real? I want them to be my best friends. Fantastic and fun supporting characters.Highly recommended as a one-day read that will give you a little of everything you need in a book.