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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) - ALL the feeeeeeels!This maaaaaaay be a wee spoilery.I remember wanting to read this book for a while now. And I never imagined I would be sucked into it the way I did.Think… a combination of your favorite dystopian novels and a combination of your favorite YA paranormal stories. Throw both together and sprinkle with some kickass writing and you have the Blood of Eden series. I’m projecting to the next books here, but trust me – there’s no way they can suck. Approximately sixty years after a disease spread across earth and infected most humans, what’s left is a minority of scavengers ruled by vampires. The infected humans are now a sub species of rabid vampires, devoid of logic, compassion and coherency. All they want is to kill.Allison lives in New Covington, a city ruled by a vampire (a vampire city, if you will) where registered humans receive somewhat support and easier life than their unregistered counterparts that have to scavenge for food and shelter and live on the fringes of the city. There are few, if any, things she hates more than vampires who are to blame for her mother’s death.In one of her escapes outside the walls, she finds an abandoned basement filled with food and takes her little gang to claim that food. The group is attacked on their way back by rabids and Allison is mortally injured only to be saved by Kanin, a lone vampire. When presented with a choice between eternal life or death – Allison chooses ‘life.’Kanin had scooped me up, holding me close as he strode through the grass and weeds, and I had drifted off against his chest.When an avenging vampire from Kanin’s past attacks their hideout, Kanin and Allison part ways and she escapes New Covington. Meeting a group of humans, she joins them, pretending to be one of them (in a desperate attempt to hold on to her humanity). Enters Ezekiel Crosse. Zeke is a 17 year old human and the adopted son of the group’s cold and determined leader, Jeb. From here on out, several things happen: the group is attacked, finds shelter after saving a man’s life, with his family in their home, Allison’s identity is discovered and she’s forced to run from the group, and the most astonishing, mostly to her, is that she decides to stick with the group and watch them from afar. She’s determined to help and protect them, even without their knowledge, to their goal – Eden – a city where they can live with no fear from vampires and rabids.A vicious attack on the group forces her to reveal her presence to Zeke, once again, and after saving his life she joins him in saving the rest of the group’s lives. Let me share something; Zeke, being a late teen, living in the wild under a strict hand of his adoptive father, is handsome, brave, a leader, and swoony to a fault.“What are you doing to me?” he whispered, as his hand moved down to my neck, tracing my collarbone. I couldn’t answer even if I wanted to. “You make me question everything I’ve learned, everything I know. Truths I’ve believed since I was a kid, gone.” He sighed, and I felt a shiver go through him, but he didn’t pull his hand back. “What’s wrong with me?” he groaned, low and anguished. “I shouldn’t be feeling ay of this. Not for a…”Other storylines intermingle with the main one, and they are all connected to Allison. I’m beyond curious to find out when Kanin comes back into the picture, when they start making headway with finding a cure, when Allison and Zeke find each other again, and so much more.Julie Kagawa is immensely talented. Her mind works in the most creative ways possible, and I’m pretty sure if I were able to take a peek into it, I would never leave.