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Destroy Me

Destroy Me - OMG I loved this little novella. It kind of, a little bit, maybe, probably not, satisfied my need for Tahereh's words.That girl has one heck of a way with words.This novella is about Warner. His way of dealing with his injury and his own reflections into his feelings to Juliette. Warner finds her little journal that she kept while in the asylum, and reads it. Thoroughly. And it confuses him and enlightens him in ways he couldn't even dream about.Warner also gets a proverbial slap in the face and acknowledges to himself that the outside world is suppressed in a way that is beyond unfair and cruel.We get a glimpse into his humanity and his flaws. And also into his father's. And next to his father - Warner is a freakin' saint!I'm beyond ready for Unravel Me. BEYOND!