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Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits - Tomorrow... when my tears dry out...Reviewing now:Love love love loved this story. It's always so sweet when something comes out of a tragedy and helps with the healing.Echo had been hurt by the one person who was supposed to protect her from anything and everything - her mother.Noah is struggling with the foster system and trying to come up with ways to get his two younger brothers back from their foster family once he graduates.Boy knows girl and girl knows boy, but they don't mesh. When they're forced together, boy and girl fall in love. This journey with both lead characters is absolutely heart wrenching and beautiful. I loved how McGarry planted little hints about Echo throughout the story, until we got the complete picture. And how swoony she made Noah, and how real the reactions of the other characters in their lives were. The swoon, the love, the romance, the tragedy, the angst, the broken and the whole all come together and balance each other out beautifully. Recommend!