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Just One Day

Just One Day - Gayle Forman I have no idea what I'm going to say in this review. For now: lskhfkshfkughflajldhfsgkjhdlkfghksjhfjhakfhskhfgkashflkshfd!A few days later I still don't know what to say. Not at all. And I don't even know how to rate this book. It's almost like a 5 star in some places and one or two stars in other. It's interesting and predictable, and not predictable, and funny and annoying and monotone and versatile and weird all at once. I think I'll just refer you to Caren's review, since I agree with pretty much everything she said:Caren's ReviewOne last thing - Willem's point of view in the next book better take us beyond, a LOT beyond the point where this book ended. Otherwise - no point in reading either. You'll just be pissed off and wonder what was the point in reading at all.Update: I've decided this is a full fledged 5 star book. If I get so flustered and infuriated by the behavior of the MCs, it got to me. If it got to me - it's GOOD!