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If You Stay (Beautifully Broken, #1)

If You Stay - Courtney Cole 4 stars.I really enjoyed this story. Pax Tate is a damaged young man, with a repressed past. He's beautiful, he's rich, and he's broken. Mila Hill is a sweet, beautiful, artistic woman. She saves Pax life one night when her life changes forever.You have a pretty typical love story here, the hero and heroine heal each other, tragedy resurfaces, and a lot of emotions are dealt with.The writing is quite beautiful, but a little stilted at parts. It's not very noticeable until the last quarter of the story. That's mainly what bothered me. Most of the time the characters sounded their age. And then they talked as if scripted 100 years ago. And I think another 10K words wouldn't have hurt to go through the emotional ending a little more thoroughly. However, Pax as the struggling, broken bad boy, is absolutely perfect. He definitely is someone you want to hold close, hug and to drool over.I recommend this to anyone who needs angst mixed with romance.