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Scarlet - So much is going on in this book that I'm pretty sure this sentence is the most coherent of the entire review.The first book ended with Cinder being given new prosthetics by Dr. Erland while incarcerated at the palace awaiting deportation and execution in Lunar. Dr. Erland asked her to meet him in Africa so they can plot whatever it is he had in mind in order to exact his revenge on Queen Levana. However, in Scarlet, Cinder escapes prison (as planned) but takes with her an American prisoner as well, and together they run to Europe to find the woman who flew/smuggled her (as Princess Selene) to earth. At the same time we're introduced to Scarlet, a French girl who's looking for her missing grandmother. Scarlet is convinced something has happened to her and she didn't just simply ran away of her own free will. Meeting a man (sorta) named Wolf, Scarlet sets to Paris to track down her grandmother's captors, not knowing Wolf is one of them. Or is he? (I hope you all read The Queen's Army, things will make a lot of sense if you did, although it's not necessary).Let me just say, when Wolf made his first appearance in this book I immediately knew who he was and:Kai is left to deal with trying to find Cinder while dealing with the evil queen. She gives him 3 days to find her or she will attack earth. At the end of the 3 days, a specialized Lunar army does in fact, attacks the major cities on earth. To stop the attacks, Kai agrees to marry Queen Levana. Cinder and Scarlet's paths cross at the end of this book, and now I can't wait for the next book. THE PLOT THICKENS!!! lshgkahsleitkeurgfhliasjdgkjsehfrhgsejdhflkghedjkhflekrhdkughishI loved this continuation of Cinder's cinderella story. We have a lot of action in this one, a lot of emotions go spiraling and a new love connection to swoon over:Gimme the next installment, dammit!!!