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Big Boy

Big Boy - Ruthie Knox The first Strangers on a Train I decided to read (there's no reading order). How can I not pick Big Boy to start with? It's Ruthie's. The premise is out there, so I'm going to spill my feelings throughout the read.Many is a REAL woman. She's got everyday life struggles, she's a professional, and Academia woman, and she has a toddler.Tyler is a caretaker of his ailing father. He's educated, he wants a good life, he wants love, and he's freaking scared.So, I giggled: my ass looks like two puppies fighting under a blanket. And I felt real: I wears me out, being needed. Lisa calls me a martyr and tells me to stop trying to save everybody and take care of myself. I do, I tell her. I do. But it's not exactly true. One night a month, I let somebody else take care of me. And I giggled and blushed: Shameless, I stare at his package, lovingly outlined in brown polyester. His fly has orange topstitching with tiny little arrows that point inward, as if to say Here's my jock.And I swooned so hard I almost fell of the couch: "What kind of date?""The kind where I'm Tyler, and you're Mandy, and I pick you up at seven and drive you to a restaurant and buy you dinner."This sounds like my kind of date but he's not done yet."And afterward, we talk about our childhoods over coffee, and you make me laugh, and then I kiss you good night and feel like skipping on my way back to my car because you're so fucking fantastic." And then, just before I decided I want to hug Ruthie for the millionth time, when I finished this novella, I (as previously admitted), with one sentence, wanted to squeal, swoon, grin and sob with despair. But I'm not quoting this one.