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Bloodlines (Bloodlines (Richelle Mead))

Bloodlines - Richelle Mead I can genuinely say to everyone that's been waiting to read VA just to read this series, if the first novel is any indication, no worries. I didn't feel like I was missing pieces of the past. Yes, it might have been easier to understand the vast differences between Moroi and Strigoi, but it wasn't the point in the story.I love Sydney's character. I think she's very mature for her age, even with all the alchemist training. I doubt I'd have acted like her. And her little sister? Ugh, I'd put a stake through her for being such an ungrateful bitch.I wish Eddie would wise up and do something with his feelings, and I kind of need something to happen between Sydney and Adrian.Interesting storyline, that's for sure.The thing that was missing for me was some swoony tension. I hope it will come in the next book. I do love Adrian and his mischievous nature. He's fun.