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Me Before You

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes I'm very conflicted about this one. I'll start by saying it was a good, emotionally exhausting story, to some extent.I didn't really dwell on the summary of this book, so I didn't really know what I was reading until I actually read it. It started very well for me, and got stilted about 40% in. When the twist was revealed I basically decided what the ending will be, and that's what it was. This is one story though, that I don't congratulate myself figuring out the ending. It made a lot of sense, and the whole reasoning was crafted very well.I think the main thing that bothered me with the flow of the story was the alternating points of view. Granted, most of the story was told by Lou, but when suddenly Will's mother, father and Nathan got give their spiel, I had to stop a few times and remind myself who's talking. Better to have told the entire thing from a 3rd person POV.Bottom line - beautiful, beautiful story. Very emotional, well written (even with the bits that distracted me) and touching an extremely difficult and tragic situation. Very good read.